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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welcome to the Old School Diner Blog

Welcome to the Old School Diner Blog.

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Thanks again for your kind comments, Chef Jerome.


TERESA said...


Anonymous said...

let me tell you something-

this is the best seafood restaurant that ive ever been to. my family and our friends (yes, all 20 of us) ate dinner there tonight and it was the best food that ive ever put in my mouth.

i gained 15 lbs and im proud of it.
it was delicious.
i would recommend this food to anyone, even those who dont like seafood.

the hushpuppies are SOOOO good. (i dont even like them and these were phenominal.)
the shrimp. oh my lord- to die for.
fresh, juicy and coooooked to perfection.

CHEF JEROME is absolutely the best chef ever.

thanks so much for such good food and southern comfort. it was great!


Brad and Gillian said...

From the moment we drove up and saw the "carpet covered" parking lot, we
knew we were going to be in for an unusual evening of dining. In an earlier
phone call I spoke to Jerome to clear up directions; he said when we arrived
to come to the kitchen to say hi because, in his words: "when you get here,
you're home." He was right. It's not just the food, which is superb
(and plentiful!) but the entire ambiance of the place and the great staff
that makes a trip to the OSD something you're not going to forget.



Anonymous said...

For his birthday, my fiance and I enjoyed the fresh seafood that was cooked so perfectly. The best seafood restaurant we have ever visited! The food was plentiful and fresh. We will definately be back! Oh yah, the hushpuppies were the best. GREAT JOB CHEF JEROME!

Grace said...

Fall off the bone ribs!! They were not kidding. Everyone loved them. Grilled shrimp and hush puppies were great also! This was our second visit and we will definitely be back!


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed our first (but not last) visit today. The food is great--the place is surely something to talk about.

Meeting Chef Jerome was a treat! We will be back soon.


Jonathan and Callie said...

We were traveling on Mother's day this year and drove all the way from New
Orleans and stopped at Jerome's for dinner and the food at Jeromes was
better than what we had at some fancy joints in New Orleans. We were the
last people there at 10pm and Jerome had been working since 4am that day
cooking for mother's day. Jerome was happy to see us, even though he'd been
working hard all day!! He said, sit down, relax, you're home now, people.
We had fried shrimp and fried flounder and it was hot and fresh- this was
the best fried shrimp and fried flounder I have ever had, anywhere!!! Thanks
Jerome...keep doing your thing.

Cat said...

My parents just spent dinner with you earlier this week, and they haven't stopped talking about it since! I can't wait till my next visit to the area, so I can come be part of the Chef Jerome family. I hear you give out hugs in addition to the wonderful food! :)

Rome said...

Chef Jerome,
I want to thank you for the most wonderful experience. I travel the world over and have never had such a wonderful experience in a restaurant. Your attitude, food, staff everything was perfect. My taste buds had the most wonderful orgasm over your food. The only thing I missed was a hug from
you. (I hope you wouldn't mind hugging a man)I will be back very soon and expect a double big hug.


Terry and Andria said...

Terry and Andria

What a great experience. We enjoyed the trip with Chef Jerome from beginning to end. The atmosphere and food was great, GREAT!

We recommend the Wheel Chair Platter. It has "OH we can not tell you." Just trust the Chef and you will be pleased.

Best surprise of the evening was when we prepared to leave we realized that it is Cash Only. When you trust the Chef, he will trust you and Courtney said just give us an IOU and return the money (Cash) by Sunday.

Chef Jerome said we are family and that is exactly how we felt, like family.

Keep up the great cook'n and job.

May God continue to Bless you and your friends.

Sandra Gant said...

I have visited the Old School Diner it was the dining experience of dining experiences. Chef Jerome is real. I admit that at first glance I looked at the party I was with and said There is no way I am going in that place and you guys are talking about eating there. And much to my surprise the experince was amazing as was the food and the atmosphere. I agree trust your chef. I have talked about the Old school Diner to friends and family. I have never been to a place where though I am quite sure busy the chef comes out to personally take pictures with and greet the customers or "family" as Chef Jerome says. Chef Jerome is truly an inspiration too those who he has shared his story.

Sandra Gant

Anonymous said...

Brother thanks again for yet another wonderful visit and meal. Sharon's Mom Ms. Martha (another of God's great cooks)said she wants to make this an annual get together with you and the rest of your family at "The Old School Diner". The food was excellent as it always is and our experiences with you are inspirational every trip. You are "Da Man". I still remember our first visit when you just had the front dining room. "The Old School Diner" has grown alot since then but your down home family service remains. Thanks for a great evening.

Your friends and Brother and Sister,

Thad & Sharon

Anonymous said...

Leaving the Harris Neck Wildlife Center we saw a small hand painted sign that read, OLD SCHOOL DINER. We're pretty adventurous, so we thought we'd stop by.

We drove up to an empty parking lot (save the carpets that covered it). Nobody there, or so it seemed. Then we noticed a large and bearded black man waving us in. Okay.

We pulled on in, got out of the car and received a big hug from said bearded gentleman. We had just met, but I got the sense that we'd met a new friend.

It was only 2:00, so the Old School Diner wasn't opened yet. Our new friend, Chef Jerome took us by the arm and proceeded to give us a guided tour of the establishment.

"Funky" would be the first term to come to mind. "Funky" works for me - fact is, the place reminded me of my own living room.

Chef Jerome told us the diner wouldn't be open until 5:00. We thanked him for the tour and then drove on back to St. Simons Island. Kinda figured we'd be back.

Several hours later spelled dinner time. We could not resist but to get back in the car and make the 38 mile trip back.

We had no idea what the menu would be like. It looked like there was something for everybody. I was torn between the fried shrimp, but was tempted by the smell of barbecue as we entered.

Our friendly waitress recommended the Wheelchair Platter. When we asked what was on the platter, she just said, "a little of this - a little of that".

We ordered the wheelchair platter. To make this already too long story a little shorter, let me say that there was PLENTY of everything! The ribs were every bit as tasty as I knew they'd be. The large Georgia white shrimp were a seafood lover's dream! It was more than we could eat, so we had left-overs to go.

After we finished our meal, Chef Jerome made his curtain call. He took the time to visit each and every table - thanking each diner and giving those sweet bear-hugs to all.

When he came to our table, I told him that he was a magician. He acknowledged my comment, saying that he could indeed perform magic in the kitchen. I blessed him with a quote from the late (great) coach Paul "Bear" Bryant - "it ain't braggin' if you can do it!".

We bid Chef Jerome a fond farewell, with the promise that we will return again. Soon!

Folks, if you find yourself in the area - make the trip to the Old School Diner. If you're not in the area - make a special trip! You'll be glad you did!

"Rusty" and Donna
Birmingham, Alabama

Anonymous said...

I wonder what is the origin of the name "Wheelchair Platter"?

On a side note, is the restaurant Handicap Accessible?

Cynthia said...

We visited for the first time last night for a birthday dinner for my sister who recently lost her husband. I can't even describe the food or the experience. I don't know whether to tell everybody or try to keep you to myself! You are by far the best kept secret ever!


Anonymous said...

Dear Chef Jerome,

It was a treat to have a diner as good as yours to be
inviting us to be one of the family. The chicken was out of this world , my wife Mary , she gets heart burn from most food , she did not with yours.

We will be down once a month ( or more ) to the area for your great and comfy home, this is what mom would of liked.

Joseph and Mary

Rev Lyn Bell said...

Dear Chef Jerome,

We were directed to your diner by a fellow at the Jax Airport upon our
arrival. The next day we meandering up US 17 and 99, just poking around.
It was out intent to go to Sapelo Isld., but had missed the ferry. We had
seen the article in the Southern Living Magazine as well. So we found
ourselves on Harris Neck Road and all I can say is mmmmm mmmmm good! We
made new friends at the diner and the food was absolutely wonderful. The
hushpuppies was a melt in your kind and the tea was sweet! Looking forward
to your catering our conference next year in Glynn County. Blessings upon
you and OSD.
Rev. Lyn Bell
Waldorf, MD

christopher said...

All I can say dem dare georgia shrimp are just beautiful, now im a South Carolina boy born and bred and I aint never had shrimp that good. Thanks Jerome you da best

Chris, Christina, and Miss Scarlett

Charleston SC

Andy, Lisa and Randy said...

Dear Chef Jerome,

Amazing food, great service, cool atmosphere, even on a slooooowwwww, rainy
Thursday when we were the first and (to our knowledge) only table of the night.

Thanks for being there and making us feel so welcome. You're our new 'go to' place for seafood, hands down. We'll be back often and will bring all of our friends next time.

You and your team are a local treasure.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this was by far my most complete and satisfying dining out experience ever. From the first "Welcome family!" spoken by Chef Jerome to the hot, delicious hush puppies, to the incredibly delicious Wheelchair Platter of everything seafood and more, you can't beat an experience like this. If The Old School Diner was located in downtown Savannah, Chef Jerome would have his own TV show. Thanks for making me feel at home Chef Jerome. I will be back......Often!

Anonymous said...

May 5th, 2011

Dear Chef Jerome,

My buddies and I were in your spot last Thursday May 5th. Man I have been eating in places all over the world and I must say your place was truly a dining pleasure. Our friends father in law Jessie brought us there to check it out. Wishing you continued success and blessings. Anyime I am close by, you can bet you bottom dollar I'll be coming through.